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Hi, My name is Winston J. Lindsley!

On April 29, 2002 I had an aneurysm on my aorta. I barely survived the surgery required to fix the tear in my heart. As a result of the surgery and bleeding, I suffered a stroke which affected the left side of my brain leaving me with a condition known as aphasia. APHASIA IS A COMMUNICATION DISABILITY caused by damage to the language centers of the brain, as the result of a stroke. It is not a loss of intelligence. Read more about aphasia

Since then I have been using various therapies and technologies to improve my ability to communicate. On this web site I would like to share my experiences and help others struggling with this disability. Read more news about my work.

Much of my work is inspired by the memory of Gennady Ozerov, a business partner and close friend, who died on September 28, 2002. You can read more about him here.

Sept 1, 2008: We've just posted Background information of Winston Jerome Lindsley for South Africa Trip in Oct 2008 (MS Word format) Check it out!

May 16 2008: We've just posted Winston's Schedule for 2008 (MS Word format) Check it out!

Feb 19 2008: We've just posted Transcripts of speeches at the National Aphasia Association Conference June 2006 in Boston

Jan 17 2008: Winston is planning a trip to South Africa some time this late summer or fall. Pretty much the same mission as last year's visit to Australia. We've sent out a few emails to establish some contacts.
So far we've gotten a few responses.

Nov 12 2007: Winston has made remarkable success by his use of the Apple iPod (video) in Aphasia therapy. The videos were created by "taping" one of Winston's friends from church who is a gifted musician. He was able to speak melodically and with tempo (imagine it as making a song out of a sentence - a kind of pnemonic) so the phrases become more memorable to the listener. You can read more and see examples of Winston's YouTube Videos here

Sept through mid-Oct 2007: I will be travelling in Australia.   While there, my plans are to visit various Aphasia organizations and speak out on Aphasia and Apraxia. Around Oct 12th we'll travel briefly to London for another meeting or two, and (hopefully) back to NY and DC around Oct 16th!
View new pictures, read more about the trip, and listen to our interview on ABC radio (Australia!).

I just got an Apple iPhone, and got a new email address at gmail! Now you can contact me at WinGOGlobal@gmail.com, and I can get your email on my phone, worldwide!

I am very concerned about the global warming problems. I believe it is everyone's responsibility to conserve energy and to save the earth. Please, read more here - see how you can help.

May 31, 2007 - I attended the "It's a RAP" Benefit Gala organized by the Aphasia Program of the University of Michigan.

During the Holiday season of 2006, I traveled to Melbourne, Australia.
While there, I visited various Aphasia organizations and delivered copies of the conference DVDs. I am planning a return trip in September of 2007.

I have been working with Harvey Alter, who is currently starting up the the International Aphasia Movement (I AM). Read Harvey Alter's letter about I AM .

In June, 2006, I attended the National Aphasia Conference, held in Boston, MA.
Read about this and the videos and DVDs of the event .

With all the video/DVD production I have done lately, it's become clear that I have quite a talent in photographing/videotaping. You can hire WinGo Global to create DVDs of your next event

Before the stroke, I had a worldwide business with operations in the Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia and other countries. You can read about my background and businesses here.

1995-2004 Schedule for Winston J. Lindsley The schedule shows that I was quite a world traveler and, from the busy schedule, you can tell I ran a very successful automobile and auto parts business all over the world. During the two years after the stroke, I still managed to travel and keep busy.

Since the stroke I have spoken before various medical and support groups about the difficulties of aphasia, and advocating new technology and therapy. My speeches are listed here.

I am also preparing a selection of helpful CDs and DVDs demonstrating speech therapy and speech practice. You can find more about them at CDs and DVDs.

This site is very new, but I will be posting more information as time allows. Thank you for your interest.

Click here for for more on Winston's Speech Therapy Videos.

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